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Valeggio and Borghetto: history, cuisine, and romantic trip

Ruins, water, and old town of Borghetto

Are you returning from Milan or France and would like to stop off somewhere on the way, possibly to see some sights? Have you been to Lake Garda, Gardaland, Mantua or Verona and would like to have a delicious lunch or a coffee in an idyllic spot? Would you like to take a trip to a cute little place, surrounded by nature and history?

In all three cases, Valeggio and Borghetto sul Mincio are the right places for you. Apart from the Mincio River, you could say that these two places are united mainly by their cuisine and history, but it should also be pointed out that they are very romantic. Emperor Franz Joseph and Napoleon Bonaparte were also proud of the town.

Valeggio: tortellini and history in one

Valeggio, on the hill of which stands the magnificent Scaligero Castle, is famous above all for the Sigurtà Park, open to the public from March to November, a dreamlike place where you can immerse yourself in nature and be enchanted by the great variety of flowers and plants that grow there. The park, which was awarded the prize for the most beautiful park in Italy in 2013 and the most beautiful park in Europe in 2015, hosts numerous natural and historical attractions.

#hint If, after visiting the park, you want to take a very nice nature walk, listening to the Mincio river, to the village of Borghetto, we suggest you start on the south side of the park and end on the north side, where the path leads directly to Borghetto.

The town itself also has a great culinary tradition, of which it is very proud. You should definitely stop by a restaurant and try a plate of Valeggio Tortellini, a masterpiece of the local gastronomic tradition.

The tortellini are strictly handmade, with an extremely thin layer of pasta (which means that it melts in your mouth) and a tasty meat filling. This dish is linked to a fascinating legend set in the late 14th century, written and illustrated by master goldsmith Alberto Zucchetta. Known as the legend of the

Love Knot, it tells the story of two lovers, the nymph Silvia and Captain Malco, who leave a yellow silk cloth knotted on the banks of the river Mincio as a sign of their love. This then gave rise to the tortellini, which also have a distinctive knot.

Valeggio Tortellini in a pan
Valeggio Tortellini

#hint Go to the main square next to the Church of St Peter the Apostle and you'll find an exceptional shop selling local products, which also hides a very good restaurant. The tortellini here are divine and they have an exceptional wine list.

Borghetto, a place embraced by the water

Before you go home, a visit to the small village of Borghetto is a must, as it has long been awarded the label of the most beautiful village in Italy. A visit to this town is like diving into the past. It is a flat medieval village untouched by the centuries. There are mills that were once used to grind wheat and grain, fortresses at the top of the Visconteo Bridge, ancient stone houses and a bridge over the river Mincio where one really settles down.

Time stands still in this place, so it's essential to enjoy a moment of magical relaxation with a coffee or aperitif stop at one of the typical local tavernas. If you're more of a lively nature person, you can take long walks along the Mincio River in unspoilt nature.

#hint It will be virtually impossible to avoid the parking fee unless you park in the free car park in Vallegio and walk to Borgettho.

a down view on town of Borghetto


🥗 Food: Tortellini di Valeggio!!!

📷 Must-see: Sigurta Park. If you're a castle lover, there's definitely the Scagliero Castle.

🏨 Accommodation: Vacanze nei Mulini - in Borghetto. You'll pay just over 100 euros per night for a double room, but it's definitely worth it!

🔝 Top experience: Coffee in the middle of the water in Borghetto.


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