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Grafiti v Viesteju



Why the Bella Italia site? Because we are sure that quite a few of you have the same experience as us.


We got tired of vacationing always in the same place, in the same country.We wanted to see new places, catch different adventures, try new food and experience a different vibe. The coastal roots of one half of the couple convinced us that our western neighbor was the right choice for all of this.


And we fell in love... With Italian towns, divine food, the "mental hospital" of traffic in the south, hospitality and beauty that every Italian country has. And after all the years of joint trips and adventures on the Italian boot, we decided that this should not remain only in our memories, that photos not only in albums and on phones, and that our advice can be useful to many people._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


If ever, then this year, in May 2022, we discovered that Slovenians, in terms of tourism, realized that the western neighbor exists. And that is right that Bella Italia has grown as well. We want it to be useful, exciting and attractive. The kind we are watching live...

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A guide to the beauties of Italy

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